Snappy Santa

An uptight wedding planner. An easygoing photographer. Unending friction.

I so don’t need this.

Christmas wedding season AND the Naughty Noel Charity Night is a lot to juggle.

Getting paired up with everyone’s favorite photographer, and my nemesis, Jack Archer was not the help I asked for.

He never takes anything seriously and still comes out on top. Really?

But it’s the help I’m getting, like it or not.

Also not helpful: the fact that my girly-bits don’t agree after I catch a glimpse of his picture for the Sexy Santa calendar.

They think he has a lot to offer me.


Charlotte Kincaid has a stick up that perfect ass of hers.

She hasn’t given me an inch since our first job together got off to a bad start.

It must rub her the wrong way to know I’m the best photographer in the state.

Speaking of rubbing…

Mind out of the gutter, Jack.

I’m going to prove I deserve her respect by helping her pull off the best charity event ever.

And how many other ways she underestimates me…

If we don’t strangle one another first.


Will Santa bring harmony or will the holidays wreak havoc on this unlikely couple?


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