Fairly Royal

Philip has a problem.

Namely, his relationship to the throne. Well, that and paparazzi hounding him, plus family obligations on steroids.

When he lands in yet another tabloid headline, he has the brilliant (or brilliantly stupid) idea to give the tabloids what they want.

A romance.

No one needs to know it’s fake.

But when he enlists beautiful, bold, and outspoken Anna McDonnell, his best friend’s little sister, he finds himself with a whole new set of troubles. Anna’s rules for their ruse make their arrangement feel far from pretend. Counterfeit feels more and more like something authentic.

And in the realm of royalty and public scrutiny, anything real and pure can’t survive.

The Fair Series

Faire’s Fair

She’s strictly business. He likes to play around. When she starts her new job, will his flirtation leave her exasperated… or exhilarated?

Fair Play

She’s bent on keeping things light. He’s ready to go all-in. When she clocks in at his office, will their unspoken tension create havoc… or happiness?