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Faire's Fair

She’s strictly business. He likes to play around. When she starts her new job, will his flirtation leave her exasperated… or exhilarated?

Fair Play

She’s bent on keeping things light. He’s ready to go all-in. When she clocks in at his office, will their unspoken tension create havoc… or happiness?

Fairly Royal

He wants to put on an act for the paparazzi. Her rules make it much too real. Will they find love or disaster?

Companion Stories

A night of Guiness and green beer, ends in tears and Twinkies


On a fateful St. Patrick’s Day, the main characters of Faire’s Fair, find their work and romance paths irrevocably changed three years before they actually meet.



The owner of a strip club offers to help her deal with her legal troubles. If she says yes, she just might find out that being bad feels really good.

A prequel to book 1, Faire’s Fair.

What can go wrong during a Samhain party?


Four couples navigate blossoming relationships in this companion story to Fair Play in The Fair Series by Grace Grahme.