Book 4 is also the new Book 1 (yet untitled) and probably about 20% through the rough draft stage. It’s going a bit slower this time around for several reasons.

1- my ‘real’ life has been really busy which leaves me needing some downtime and not mentally able to jump into my book as often as I’d like

2- I’m promoting my upcoming shared series “Welcome to Kissing Springs” which is a lot of fun and my book, Snappy Santa, will be my first release to really be a rom-com. (or at least I hope it will be rom-com… please God, let it be funny)

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3- I’ve got a secret side project in another romance genre that I’m working on, so yes, I’m writing two books at once.

Really, Grace?

I’m going to get back to writing, but I’m certainly eager to bring both these worlds more to life. One familiar to my readers and one brand new with lots of world-building of its own!