My first week has been successful, how about yours?

First- do to spam comments, if you want to respond to me, just send me an email at (copy/paste):contact@gracegrahme.com

Beyond the normal getting back to work and into the groove of what pays me to write novels in my off hours, I’ve gotten back to the gym to exercise my body, I went to see Hamilton (yeah, yeah, yeeeaaahhh) I’ve worked on book #3, I’ve added automation to my email system so when someone downloads one of my free stories they get a series of welcome emails in hopes of building a relationship with new readers. I’ve also started the process of transferring my website to a new hosting service.

While I hate resolutions (see my TikTok here): https://www.tiktok.com/@gracewritesromance/video/7048390984836599087?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc&web_id7048772305766696453 I do like goals. Therefore here we go!

My goals for 2022 are:

1- Revamp my website and make it more modern

2- Get Fair Play and Faire’s Faire paperback versions ready and publish them wide across all booksellers

3- Host a small giveaway each month for active subscribers to my newsletter (active = they open and click within the newsletter).

4- I’m working with a great group of authors to write a Christmas novel that will be interconnected with the other author’s own novels; they’ll be a small town, enemies to lovers, romcom book- which will be quite a departure from my current big city/billionaire stories; but it’s Christmas and Hallmark Christmas movies are popular for a reason!

5- Release book 3 by late Spring

6- Plan what’s next! This is most exciting as I’m torn between writing book #4 in The Fair Series but also have an intriguing idea for a paranormal romance with vampires. I love vampire novels (think the Sookie Stackhouse or NightHuntress series types) and I’m sure eventually scratch that itch, just not sure if it will be my next book after #3 or not- I guess some of that depends on how The Fair Series performs. I’ve got good reviews, but sales are elusive!