Why writing?

I first received critical acclaim for my writing in Mrs. Smith’s first grade class- even having my book (all 100 words) entered in the school book fair- when you had to be in second grade to be exhibited.

It’s all been downhill since then…

But seriously- you know how you have an argument or disagreement with someone and then five minutes or five hours later you think of the perfect retort?

THAT is why I love writing!

My characters can be witty in a way I (nor most of us) will ever be. They allow meĀ  to escape to worlds I could never experience otherwise. I hope you enjoy coming along with me.

more about me…

I love reading and I love writing even more- I balance writing, a career, a family, and a menagerie of dogs, cats, and backyard chickens.

I’m an avid coffee consumer and adult beverage fan. I love catching up with my friends on Marco Polo and working out at they gym. I avoid house work and carbs- unless it’s an emergency.

I carve out writing time by starting my day at 515am. Which unfortunately means I’m in bed earlier than I’d like. If anyone knows how to be a night owl AND an early bird, drop me a line!