MAY 8, 2021

Nostalgia is a huge thing nowadays, we see it on TV shows and music so why not in books? I’m not quite sure if it was intentional or not but this particular read brought me back to my classic romance novels… It was great.

This book was really nostalgic, it’s a true old fashioned romance novel (with some modern twist) And I loved every minute of it… Again I’m not sure if it was intentional or not but to me, it was a hit.
It’s a fast and fun read with a hunky scot to boot… It took me a while to make the adjustment from first person to third person narrative but that’s only because I have been reading that kind of book so much lately.. (first person)
A great surprise was the fact that we get both perspectives in the story and I think it helps to give a broader picture of what each character is feeling..
I particularly enjoyed the pursuing of our main girl it was so funny when our hunky Scotman couldn’t believe he was being rejected and had to actually work for her attention.. that was awesome..
The conflict felt real, even if you could have resolve things with just a talk .. in the moment it was too much and you understood why she does what she does ( even if it pisses you off a bit)
It’s a fun summery read and I’m thankful to the author for allowing me to read and review this book. You should do yourself a favor and give it a try..
Looking forward to the next one.


April 8, 2021

Kathryn Black- Best Book Editors
This book will make you believe in love.

The hardest heart can’t fail to be warmed by this story. It’s a classic love story with all the elements you expect plenty of romance, love, sex, travel, conflict, and resolution.

Set between Texas, Glasgow, and Paris with a skiing stop-off somewhere in Northern Europe, the travel descriptions and settings are sublime.

The dialogue is fast, pacey, natural, and the description and narrative flow like a swift river.

Our lass, Kathryn, is a successful businesswoman with an on-the-up employment-skills training business that’s fast-tracking her to the first million.

She’s been burned and has no time for them, no-good, cheating men. She meets Ian. This man is the dog’s bollocks. He’s got it all.

He’s good-looking-fit-rich, you name it, he’s got it going on. He’s a millionaire businessman and a musician in his spare time.

The godman is flawless—well, he does have one fault, but you have to read to find that out.

He sets out to snare the wary Kathryn in his love net, and she’s equally determined not to be caught. Ian doesn’t do things by halves and has a private plane at his disposal.

It is a beautiful tale of how the other half lives and a story about loving for love and not the things that a fat credit card can buy. 

If this author was an artist, she’d be drawing dinner-plate-sized, liquid-brown eyes and working for Disney. It’s that good.

It’s beautifully written, and the characters are all likable and draw you into their highs and lows.

The love scenes are erotic, but written with sophistication and style.

Grahme writes these scenes well, and there’s not a single two-word turn-off phrase in the book, over and over, up and down, harder and harder, faster and faster— not one.

She writes them with proper description and emotion. They are appropriately placed, sensitively written, and add to rather than detract from the story.

The writing is intelligent and kind, with a good smattering of history. It’s thoughtful with some amazing settings and a relative amount of wine drinking.

Sheer, unadulterated, escapism.

Me? Envious of the beautiful Kathryn and her remarkable life, that she’s worked very hard for and doesn’t need a man to provide—and she can run 5k and lift 40 Kilo.

Envious? Don’t be ridiculous. 

A fantastic dream of a read. Highly recommended.