It’s been a full week. A week of lots of ups and just one down. The ups?


  1. Released Fair Play, book 2
  2. Book 1, Faire’s Fair was on an ad blitz- netting 8500 downloads and counting
  3. Fair Play was nominated as one of the best books of the year from Best Book Editing


  1. Received my first one star review- with no comments, so my review on that is for someone to take the time to ding an author without even saying why is a dick move and completely unhelpful

Not that it will get to me. No book will be loved by everyone and letting 8000+ folks have your book will result in some people hating it/not finishing it etc- but will also hopefully find an audience of people who will LOVE it and go on to book two. >fingers crossed<

Next in my world? Refocusing on Book #3 which is at the halfway point and preparing to move my website and likely do a redesign to have it look more modern and less like a cliched romance writers site (not that it’s terrible, but I want it to reflect more of me and what I really like).