First feedback on first reader to complete a beta read on my book is “I finished the book! It was great! I hope you make a series…”

Now if that isn’t something to make this author’s little heart go pitter-pat, I don’t know what is.

Another friend who is a professional editor (for a higher ed setting/not fiction) wrote this on the first 10pgs I asked her to review: “This is very engaging… You clearly know your characters well, and you represent them well on the page.”

Clearly, I’m destined for greatness. >insert winky emoji here< (maybe I should figure out how to do that on a blog post…)

For a brand new author who has never had anyone read more than a snippet or two of her books… to release them to an audience (admittedly a select audience) and ask for HONEST feedback is taking that leap of faith.

A few other friends who are going thru the book have all had positive comments as well (and somehow a few typos! maybe it’s stuff like typing buy instead of but or similar as the novel has been through two different spellcheck/grammar software programs).

Anyway, it’s a good Friday. I hope you are all having a good day as well!