So all my friends and family know the truth today.

That I’m an author. That I write romance. That I love a good happily ever after and all those mushy and sometimes sexy things you find in THOSE type of books.

Writing has been a very personal and private thing for me for a long time. I wrote several books and tried to find an agent and wasn’t successful. That didn’t mean my writing, my books weren’t good (I hope, ha!) it more likely meant that my book wasn’t what the agent was looking for, they could have read the story on a bad day and it just didn’t resonate etc. But meeting a friend who has experienced success self-publishing (not quit your job money, but very worthwhile side gig money) encouraged me to try again. So here I am.

I actually write in several different genres (that a bunch of writing advice will caution you against) but this is the first one to make it to publishing. You can see on my book page (and read a few excerpts) that I have more contemporary romances planned, a historical romance, and a romantic thriller and those are books that run between rough outlines and up to 90% complete. Stay tuned for more to come!