So much is keeping me busy!

I’ve completed my final go-through of Faire’s Fair and I’m now updating it with all my last edits. My chapter 1 of Fair Play, Robert and Janet’s story, has come back the editor with good remarks and I’ve just submitted the prequel to Faire’s Fair for editing as well. Both of these short stories/previews will be available at the same time Faire’s Fair goes on the market (in 30 days unless I hit a snag)!

I also have started playing with a bunch of Amazon ads and will start Facebook ads in the next week or two. These will hopefully provide me good information once I start actually having a book people can buy vs. just preorder. Although it’d be awesome if someone pre-orders my book NOW via an ad, it’s just not as likely because we are an instant gratification society.

I’ve also created an author page on Amazon and have linked the blog to that page. Let’s see if these posts start showing up!

Chapter 2 on Fair Play is almost done- but it’s taken a back burner to getting Faire’s Fair ready to go. I have diagrammed most of the plot out however so I know where the book is going- although I’m sure I’ll discover a few detours as I really get into production on that story.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday!