Tminus 28 days till publishing!

(hopefully that number will just go lower and won’t get reversed at some point)

So over the past weekend, I completed the final pass through of Faire’s Fair, the final pass through of Ch 1 of Fair Play (bonus read at the end of Faire’s Fair) and the final pass through of Fair Start (the prequel/short story to Faire’s Fair).

Then, I uploaded Faire’s Fair for distribution to folks who have volunteered to be advance readers and who will hopefully provide good reviews (plenty of time to get in on that offer if you’re interested!) and I also uploaded Fair Start for distribution as well.

I’m also going to redo the cover and have been finalizing the design for that. I love my cover, but it DOES read historical romance- and for strangers to see your book, it needs to SHOUT more what it is at a glance- and it does not look like a contemporary romance/workplace romance/billionaire romance- which it really is. So stay tuned for the new cover, coming super soon!