Be still my beating heart. Well… not still still… just not popping out of my chest.

I received Faire’s Fair back from the editor. I read her overview with my fingers over my eyes and y’all… she LOVED it. Like loved it enough I’m having to now fight that evil little voice in my head (you know the one, you have one too) that is saying, yeah, but you paid her. My editor assures me she is HONEST about the books she reviews and the biggest tell is she likes to advise her clients to come back to her for a second edit (at half price) once they are done re-editing the book/closer to publishing- and she said I really don’t need it. Or in her own words “it’s in pretty good nick and may not need it” (yes, she’s a Brit).

So now my heart is beating hard for a different reason. I’ve had my beta readers all come back with reviews that my story is good and I’m a good writer. But having this- from a professional- is another level of validation for me and coupled with a ‘pro’ beta read from my second choice editor who says the same thing… it really means the world to me.

Now- if I could just get The Root Literary Agency to realize what an opportunity they have and contact me, that would be great. To be honest, I know to get ANY agents attention is a long shot- there are SO many writers out there, I’m positive there are masterpieces that never get published, novels that would be more successful than Harry Potter- that just don’t get recognized. Now- don’t think I’m saying I’m in THAT category. This book, and the planned series to follow are light-hearted beach reads. Which is why I’m still thinking that on May 25th I’ll be self-publishing Faire’s Fair and hoping that the marketing and such that I will do will catch new readers eyes and encourage people to buy my book.

I’ve asked myself what do I need to feel I’m a successful writer… beyond making the best seller lists and making scads of money- as that’s approaching lottery type dreaming. What goals do I have for my book, what are steps that will show me that my book is successful? So while I’m still dwelling on that, my first response is concrete dollars. To have my book earn back what I’ve spent on editing, cover, memberships, classes, and a few books along the way if definitely the first step. Getting good reviews from strangers will be a second. After that… I’m still chewing on it! And that question is a mouthful.