Wide you ask?

So I’m NOT going to be putting Faire’s Fair into Kindle Unlimited right away. I’d like to see if I can actually get folks to buy my book- especially if I keep getting good reviews. (hint, if you are going to be reading it, please leave a review- especially if you LUV’D it)

Currently I’m in process to get it uploaded to Kobo, Google, Barnes and Noble plus everyone’s megalomaniacal favorite, Amazon. Will this make things harder? Maybe a bit. Will this expose me to more audience? Hopefully a lot. Will I need to do more advertising? Likely. Will I sell more books? That would certainly be nice.

The sad / scary fact? Like 50,000 books are uploaded to Amazon EACH MONTH. No, I didn’t add a zero by mistake. And lots of them aren’t worth the bytes that carry their words to various e-readers. So for the much smaller number that are good stories, well edited, cohesive, and so forth- it’s SUPER hard to stand out. Fingers crossed that I can find a way to get some traction-